Transformer loss capitalization and total ownership cost calculator

Whether you are trying to select the most optimal design of a transformer based on shortest payback period or looking at the value of losses on a transformer, these tools can help you.

For more information on getting a hand-held Total Ownership Cost sliding ruler calculator, contact the marketing department at ABB in Jefferson City, Missouri, US. See contact information in right margin.

Online calculators

  • Total Ownerhip Cost (TOC) Calculators

    These tools calculate the present value no-load losses ($/watt) and load losses ($/watt) which added to transformer purchase price is total ownership cost over the lifetime of the transformer. Various methods exist for the present value calculation of losses suggesting the following including one uniquely developed for renewable energy projects.

  • -- Universal

  • -- North America (ANSI/IEEE)

  • -- Renewable energy

  • Payback calculator

    This tool helps select the most optimal transformer design of two options based on shortest payback period taking into transformer purchase price, losses and cost of energy.


  • Loss capitalization worksheet

    Loss capitalization worksheet

    This worksheet is to be used in conjunction with a hand-held slide ruler for the calculation of no-load losses ($/watt) and load losses ($/watt). The slider ruler can be ordered by using the "Contact Us" section of this webpage.

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