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ABB extends medium-voltage DC breaker range

2017-06-29 - ABB introduces a new version of its high-speed bi-directional direct current (DC) circuit breaker, DCBreak, for rolling stock applications covering 1500 V systems as well as protective metallic enclosures for the entire DCBreak family.

ABB’s technology in Kochi and Bengaluru metros provide a safe and convenient commute to millions of passengers

2017-06-16 - [No lead text]

ABB at Montréal 2017 UITP Global Transport Summit: Leading the ”TRANSIT-ION”

2017-05-14 - [No lead text]

ABB launches DCGear - a new switchgear range for DC traction power supply applications

2017-05-12 - The pioneering technology leader ABB launches a new medium-voltage switchgear range, DCGear, to complement the comprehensive energy-efficient DC traction power supply portfolio at the Metro Event in Guiyang, China.

ABB inaugurates traction transformer plant in South Africa

2017-05-09 - [No lead text]

ABB helps connect the Ethiopian countryside to neighboring countries

2017-05-09 - May 5, 2017 - Innovative traction power supply solution.

ABB wins breakthrough transformer order to support sustainable mobility in Austria

2017-03-30 - [No lead text]

ABB wins $70 million in equipment orders to expand European rail fleets

2017-02-16 - [No lead text]

Keeping the power distribution on track at London Underground

2017-01-18 - ABB has delivered a modern and cost-efficient power protection solution to ensure reliable and secure power supply to London Underground’s SSR (Sub-Surface Railway) lines.

ABB unveils new medium-voltage high-speed direct current breaker DCBreak for railway applications

2016-12-05 - ABB has introduced the new high-speed bi-directional direct current (DC) circuit breaker DCBreak for rolling stock applications, covering 750 V systems. The new DCBreak takes approximately 40 percent less footprint than equivalent circuit breakers on the market and it is one of the lightest breakers in its category at 28 kilograms. Maintenance is required only every 200,000 operations.

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